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SAP ABAP - Customer Exits

Customer exits could be considered as hooks to the SAP standard programs. We do not need an access key to write the code and there is no need to modify the SAP standard program. These exits don't have any functionality and they are empty. Business logic could be added in order to meet various client requirements. However, Customer Exits are not available for all programs.

Customer Exits for Standard Transactions

Following are the steps to find customer exits as far as standard transactions are concerned. Let’s identify customer exits available in MM01 (Material Master Creation).
Material Master Creation
Step 1 − Go to transaction MM01 and identify the program name of MM01 by going to Menu bar → System → Status as shown in the above screenshot.
Step 2 − Get the program name from the popup screen. The program name is 'SAPLMGMM'.
Step 3 − Go to transaction SE38, enter the program name and click Display.
Step 4 − Navigate to Go to → Properties and find out the package of this program name.
Function Pool
The package name is 'MGA'.
Step 5 − Go to transaction code SMOD that is usually used to identify customer exits. Navigate to Utilities → Find (or) you may directly press Ctrl + F on the transaction code SMOD.
Step 6 − After going to the ‘Find Exits’ screen, enter the package name we got earlier and press F8 (Execute) button.
Find Exits
The above steps produce the following output with the list of exits available in the Material Master Creation.
Find Exit


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