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SAP HR Infotypes

Infotype is used to store personal data about an employee. An Infotype contains four digit code and name of Infotype.
Example − Infotype 002 contains employee personal data- like name, date of birth, marital status, etc.
Each Infotype has two fields −
  • Mandate fields − A tick mark sign in the field box represents these fields.
  • Option fields − These fields are not mandatory and can have a blank value.
There are predefined number ranges that SAP has defined for Infotype.
  • HR and Payroll Data Infotype → 0000 to 0999
  • Organizational Data → Infotype 1000 to 1999
  • Time Data → Infotype 2000 to 2999
You can further divide an Infotype into groups, which are called subtypes. For example, an Infotype Address, Infotype 0006 can be divided into subtypes - Permanent Residence and Emergency address.
Dividing Infotypes1
Dividing Infotypes2

Creating an Infotype

To create an Infotype follow the given steps −
Step 1 − Use T-code: PA30.
Creating an Infotype
Step 2 − A new window Maintain HR Master Data opens. Enter the personnel number and press Enter.
Maintain HR Master Data
Step 3 − Enter the Infotype you wish to select for a new record and click the Create button.
In the Period section, select the start and the end date for an Infotype.
Period Section
Step 4 − In the next window, select Personnel action. Once you enter all the details click Save.
Select Personnel Action

Display an Infotype

You can search an Infotype by its name or number.
Step 1 − Search an Infotype using Personnel number and T-code: PA30 or PA20.
Search an Infotype
Step 2 − In the new window, enter the personnel number and press Enter.
Enter Personnel Number
Step 3 − Select the Infotype you want to display. Click F7 or the icon at the top.
Select Infotype to Display
Step 4 − In the new window, all the fields will be deactivated and you will see the details of the selected Infotype.
Fields Deactivated
Step 5 − Similarly, you can copy or change an existing Infotype using T-code: PA30.
Change Existing Infotype

Delete an Infotype

To delete an Infotype, follow the steps given below.
Step 1 − To delete an Infotype, use the same T-code: PA30.
Step 2 − Enter the Personnel number and select the Infotype you want to delete.
Select Infotype to Delete
Step 3 − In the next window, you will see a summary of data that will be deleted. Click Delete.
Data Deleted


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