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SAP HR Maintaining Infotypes

In SAP HR system, Infotypes are used to store the data for all the personnel actions and administrative tasks in the system. Infotypes are known as small units of information in SAP HR system.
Infotypes group the similar data together and define structure, enter data and define the information for specific period of time.

Components of Infotypes

An Infotype consists of the following components −


An Infotype contains a set of similar data records in the form of data structure. Infotype contains series of information like first name, last name, date of birth, marital status, etc. When an Infotype is updated in the system, old data is not removed from the system but time is delimited.

Data Entry

You can enter predefined values for Infotype that helps in fetching and maintaining the data in the system. Entries in HR system are checked automatically for accuracy. Default value checks depend on the employee organization assignment.

Time Dependency

When an Infotype is updated in the system, old data is not erased. It is stored in the system for historical evaluation purpose. This allows each Infotype to have multiple records but all the records may vary as per their validity.
Time based reaction of Infotype is defined in the Time constraint field. Infotype 0000 to 0999 are Personnel Administration Infotypes. It is also possible to define permissibility of Infotype for each country, this allows you to restrict Infotype while editing the master data.
Go to SPRO → IMG → Personnel Management → Personnel Administration → Customizing Procedures → Infotypes → Assign Infotypes to Countries
Time Dependency

How to Maintain Infotypes?

To maintain Infotype, follow the steps given below −
Step 1 − Go to SPRO → IMG → Personnel Management → Organizational Management → Basic Setting → Data model enhancement → Infotype Maintenance → Maintain Infotypes → Execute.
Maintain Infotypes
Step 2 − Select the Infotypes to which the newly created custom object needs to be assigned. Select the Infotype and click the Infotypes per object type option.
Infotypes Per Object Type
Step 3 − To assign custom objects to Infotype, click the New Entries option. You can uncheck the No Maintenance check box such that you can maintain custom objects via Organization Management transactions PP01.
Maintain Custom Objects

Maintaining Info Subtypes

Info Subtypes are known as sub units of an Infotype. Using subtype, you can easily manage and access the data in HR system and can control the Infotypes. You can easily assign different features to control the data like time constraints to sub types.
You can assign different control features to sub types as per requirement like TC1, TC2, and TC3.


Consider the example of an Infotype Addresses (0006). Following are the subtypes −
  • Subtype 1 − Permanent Residence address
  • Subtype 2 − Temporary address
  • Subtype 3 − Home address
Considering Control feature – Time constraint for this Infotype, you should use TC-3 for Infotype Addresses, as we need to pass multiple values. Permanent Residence address subtype should be Time Constraint -1. Home address can exist once at any one time, hence it is Time Constraint -2.

How to maintain subtypes?

To maintain subtypes −
Step 1 − Go to SPRO → IMG → Personnel Management → Organizational Management → Data model enhancement → Infotype Maintenance → Maintain subtypes → Execute.
Maintain Subtypes
Step 2 − To maintain subtype, select the subtype in the next window. In the left pane, you have an option to add control feature - Time Constraint.
Time Constraint
Step 3 − Double click the Time constraint in the left pane, a new window ‘Change View “Time Constraint”: Overview’ will open.
Time Constraint Overview


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