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Students's letter to Teacher

Dear Teacher,

I want to learn

I want to be independent, but
Sometimes your curriculum is the disability.

When you give it to me in paper form, I can’t access it.

When text is digital, I can manipulate it. I can make it bigger, pick the right font,
add more white space – it’s easier to read.

When text is digital, I can add a voice and listen to it.
I don’t have to struggle with reading each word.

Please don’t make me read outloud;
I work so hard to avoid humiliation.

Do you know, I have great ideas…but I can’t get them down on paper?
Please give me another way to share them. Paper just doesn't work for me.

I need you to know……I’m not stupid……I want to learn
You just have to remove the barriers for me.

I can’t read my own writing but there are other ways…..
Give me other ways to show what I know.

I can’t sit still….so let me move.

Do you know, I really, really want to learn?

If you make videos of your instruction, I can review them at home….as often as I need to.

I want to learn

I want to be independent

Don’t put me on the bell curve, put me on the J- curve – it shows you want me to learn, too.

Will you teach me

Reach me

Engage me

in a way that works for me?


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