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Email Studio adds Mail Merge and Email Scheduler Directly in Gmail

Mail Studio, our Newest open-source Gmail add-on which brings capabilities like mail merge, copier, email scheduler and more . Unlike other options, Mail Studio works right in Gmail and you may also use it within the Gmail App in your own Android cellphone (with assistance for iPhone coming shortly ).

Whether You have to send mails to your Contacts, for sending at a later date, program mails in Gmail mails to a different address, you can do it . View the video tutorial show on YouTube to begin.
Mail Studio for Gmail — Characteristics

Following is a list.
Select mails and one or more Google Contacts will go out with needing to use BCC or CC to every recipient.

Send After — Write an email today and the It will be automatically sent by Add-on afterwards at time and date . You could even set up programs which will send the recipients but numerous times on various dates the email.

Auto-Forwarder — Gmail includes an integrated forwarder but it just works on email and you may mails to accounts which are your own. No limitations are imposed by email Studio and it works.

Mail AutoResponder — Gmail has Canned Replies but to both new and old email, it is possible to send auto-replies with Mail Studio. Your answers may have.

— Instantly make or copies of any draft into your Gmail mailbox. You are going to adore the copier if you would like to send emails to a lot of folks manually but without using CC or BCC.

Mail Purge Certain standards.


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