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Term -3 Fab Records for all classes for all subjects

We always shares you a lot of records related to your curriculam side .In this way we introduced this record also.Fab Record for all classess for all subjects
Advisory teachers may use this package in any way that suits the needs of the teachers with whom they are working, for example:
★ A whole workshop can be developed using this package. ★ Individual pages may be used in a meeting or casual conversation to support a main idea. ★ The pages may be used to support activities in a workshop. ★ Pages may be used to design peer-coaching or trial lessons. ★ Pages may be used to stimulate conversation and thinking.
Watching and listening • • Asking effective questions • Giving useful feedback .
Effective questions inform our observations. Use them to: • seek what a student knows or can do • probe for more information, go deeper • prompt (help) to encourage thinking and risk taking. Always encourage / praise.
Formative feedback provides students with helpful information about their learning. This helps students “learn to learn”. Feedback should describe where and why a child is succeeding in something, as well as offer advice to assist weaker areas of learning.Teachers can encourage students to reflect on their reading progress by making use of a small booklet. Students record when they read or demonstrate a particular Reading Skill.
Teachers often give stickers to students as a reward for achievement or effort. What about giving the stickers to the students to assess themselves? e.g. Students can tell the teacher or a partner what they like about their work or which piece of work they prefer or where they made a special effort and award themselves a sticker.


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