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Centum Study Tips : 10th Maths prepared by wayto success team

Zeal Centum study ream shares you the tips to score centum in Mathematics. Here we share you the tips and strategies to concentrate and the areas you have to keep more attention.
Mathematics is an important subject of your school curriculum. lt's either a student’s favorite subject or the most  feared subject. Mathematics for class 10 builds the foundation of the subject for higher classes and everything that comes further. Every concept and formula that students learn in class SSLC Math is important for further studies as well. To ace your Board exam you would need proper planning and preparation. Our Centum study Team has brought by you effective tips that have actually helped thousands of students over the years. 
Topic: Centum Study Tips : 10th Maths
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Author: Way to success Team
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Go through syllabus and weight-age allocated 
Before starting your preparation, you must go through your class ‘10 syllabus to know the important chapters and the weight-age allocated to each chapter. 
Separate your strong and weak areas 
Once you are familiar with your syllabus. separate your weak arid strong areas. This would help you pay proper time and attention to your weak areas. 
Make a schedule 
A Schedule helps you get things done. Make a proper schedule which includes your daily goals and what all you need to do in order to complete that goal. Your goal could be as simple as completing a topic such as ‘Relationship between Zeroes and Coefficients of a Polynomial’ mentioning these small goals in your daily schedule will help you prepare for Maths in an effective way. 
Understand the formulas, derivations, and theorems 
Make a separate sheet just for chapter-wise formulas and theorems and stick it where you will be seeing it throughout the day. Always understand the formula, its derivation. and theorems instead of mugging them. When you understand something and then learn it you are least likely to forget any of it. Centum study Experts have compiled a concept theory, breaking down all the important formulas and concepts to make it easier for the students to understand. 
Find interesting ways to learn formulas 
There are many interesting ways through which you can learn the complicated Math formulas easily. For example. 

To learn the trigonometry ratio you can use the following mnemonic: 

i). “SOH CAH TOA” in this Sin is the length of the Opposite side over the length of the Hypotenuse. Cos is the length of the Adjacent over the length of the Hypotenuse. 

After finishing a chapter. you must take a chapter-test. Taking a chapter-test would help you analyze how much you have understood each and every concept and If your application of the formula is correct or not. 
Sincere practice makes the impossible possible 
Sample paper and Practice sheets are an amazing tool to practice from. These will help you optimize your time and improve your speed. Sincere practice is important otherwise you would just be wasting your time on nothing. You can find effective practice material designed by our team of Experts 
Time yourself 
Whenever you are solving a sample paper or a sheet always time yourself. This would help you understand what type of questions takes you longer to solve. Always give yourself a deadline, initially start with less number of questions per hour and then gradually increase the number of questions. This would encourage you to complete the questions within a time frame preparing you for your finals. 
Don't underestimate figures and graphs 
While solving sums from chapters like Triangle. coordinate geometry, and trigonometry. etc. students skip the figures and graphs. Questions from these chapters require you to draw the figures and graphs in order to get an answer. Always pay attention to figures and graphs. as these elements carry some marks in your examination. 
Gain familiarity with the papers 
One of the most effective ways to ace Math is solving previous years’ question papers. These question papers help you get familiar with the board question paper and the type of questions that have been asked over the years 
It will also help you get an insight into what kind of questions get repetitive in Board examinations. 

These are some essential tips which you need to follow for an effective Class SSLC Maths preparation. Our experts advise you to not skip any chapter or topic because of silly doubts, instead, perfect your concepts using video lectures and concept theory. Here are some bonus golden tips by our Centum study Math Expert to help you prior and during your board examination.


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