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NTSE ,NMMS,TRUST Mental ability Test (MAT) Practising material Topic: Vendiagram

 zeal centum study shares you the study materials for the Competitive exams conducted by Our Government to provide scholarship to the students every year.

NMMS examination conducted to 8th std students to check their scholastic and Mental ability, TRUST or RTSE exam conducted to the 9th std rural area students to check thier talent. NTSE exam conducted to 10th std students in 2 phases stage 1 and stage 2 which aims to test the scholastic and Mental ability of the students.

Here we provide Mental ability study materials which is in 3 parts 

  1. Introduction of the topic with suitable explanation ,
  2.  Practicing Exercises
  3. Detailed solution for the problems.
Though the book released by our government is little bigger which contain 379 pages the students find it difficult to verify their answers by searching the pages in pdf format to eradicate that difficulty we planned to split each topics with the above steps. Which will help the children to practice each topic easily and complete all the chapters with practicing problems and understand the solution for each chapters. So share with all students who are going to appear for the examinations. Hope it is useful.


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