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Class 12 | Accountancy | - Class 12 | Accountancy | - கூட்டாண்மை கணக்குகள் - நற்பெயர் | Unit 4| KalviTv | Unit 4 | KalviTv

Due to covid-19 pandemic disease the second wave has a severe impact in India so the schools are closed in Tamilnadu.

it is essential for the students to learn through any medium so the government has
decided to teach the students through the Kalvi Tholaikatchichanneland also many private channels agreed to tell telecast program.So everyday there will be a schedule for each class and many teachers around Tamilnadu has taken various classes for the sake of the Tamilnadu children. in Tamilnadu the district Institute of educational training centers where used to create videos on various subjects and various classes SCERT state Council of educational research and training organized that diets and telecast the videos on kalvi Tholaikatchi regularly. the government works and also respect the hard work done by the diet principal, the lecture as the technicians that video camera record app and video editor and also the teachers appears on the TV.
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   Class 12 | Accountancy | -  Class 12 | Accountancy | - கூட்டாண்மை கணக்குகள் - நற்பெயர் | Unit 3| KalviTv | Unit 3 | KalviTv

12th English

Due to some reasons that students can able to watch the live telecast in Kalvi Tholaikatchi the videos are regularly uploaded in that Kalvi Tv YouTube Channel and there the students got confused to get there suitable video because they are not well versed in search the suitable video from the Calvary Tv YouTube Channel so we planned to organize all the contains class wise subject wise and medium wise so it is easy for you to get all the videos regularly without any hurdles and also they are classified into units class subjects and the materials and videos will be e embedded in our website so you can directly watch the videos from these websites itself

centum study provide you a collection of kalvi Tholaikatchi video materials telecasted on the kalvi Tholaikatchi during various times we organized all the contents class wise and unit wise and also subject wise this will help the students to watch all the videos regularly without any mistakes and there is there will be a continuation of learning the students can continue their learning from their home so it is easy for them to understand the concepts and a.m. do the exercises and solve the problems given in the textbook with the guidance of their Kalvi Tholaikatchi videos hope it is useful as this with your friends and families the parents are asked to to visit our website regularly for the latest updates that will be uploaded and telecasted in the Kalvi TV program.


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